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Business as Usual

9th April 2019
Extended holidays and the heating up of elections talk would have been easy distractions for the Epping property market but April showed to be business as usual for those intent on buying and selling property. A key illustration of this... (read on)

The Double-Edged Sword

9th March 2019
With the final weekend of March auctions now passed and Sydney continues to progress through the change in market from the peak of July 2017 the Epping it is clear that the market of today is a double-edged sword for... (read on)

A Change, but in a Good Way

9th February 2019
Closing off the month of February often signals end of the year’s teething period, with the number of properties entering the market now increasing. Interest rates remain unchanged by the Reserve Bank and talks of the upcoming federal election are... (read on)

The Year Ahead

9th January 2019
With the Australia Day long weekend recently concluded, and children having just returned to school, the property market for 2019 has now officially commenced. Following the highly sensationalized downturn that was the 2018 property market, this year features a number... (read on)