News & Insights

Ongoing Resilience

6th December 2022
As we move into the final month of 2022 our local market have proved its resilience throughout a year marred by consecutive interest rate rises from the RBA as it has continued to showcase excellent results. The current cash rate... (read on)

Quality Over Quanity

11th October 2022
As we move into the final quarter of 2022, a year marked by consecutive interest rate rises by the RBA and the respective shift from the market peaks of the years prior, the resilience and quality of our local market... (read on)

Our Market and Emerging Themes

2nd August 2022
The close of the financial year provides and excellent opportunity to look back on the last twelve months and explore the emerging trends that will shape the market moving forward. Throwing curveballs at every turn, in the form of flash... (read on)

Our Market and The Road Ahead

1st June 2022
After all the debates, the campaigning, and the votes were counted the election is now officially run, won and done removing much of the ambiguity which had settled in the property market on the preceding weeks. In the weeks prior... (read on)