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A New Market

8th October 2019
The closing weekend for the September market saw Sydney continue its strong recovery with auction clearance rates remaining at approximately 75%, and higher again in Epping closing out the month at 81%. The greatest driver behind this recovering has certainly been the actions... (read on)

Market Recovery and FOMO

2nd September 2019
The closing weekend for the August market saw Sydney’s 7th consecutive auction week whereby auction clearance rates sat above 70%. The story was only better in the Epping area with last Saturday boasting an auction clearance rate of approximately 80% providing further testament of... (read on)

Improved Conditions Reflected in Clearance Rates

29th August 2019
Over the month of July, the initial effects from the recent election and cash rate drop by the RBA appear to be positive with each of the major cities experiencing an upward trend in auction clearance rates. Most notably, Sydney’s preliminary auction clearance rate... (read on)

Business as Usual

9th April 2019
Extended holidays and the heating up of elections talk would have been easy distractions for the Epping property market but April showed to be business as usual for those intent on buying and selling property. A key illustration of this... (read on)